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Course module: 700033-B-6
Political Philosophy (Political and Social Philosophy 1)
Course info
Course module700033-B-6
Credits (ECTS)6
CategoryBA (Bachelor)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences; TSH: Department of Philosophy; Philosophy;
Is part of
B Philosophy
PM Philosophy of Contemporary Challenges
PM Philosophy of Humanity and Culture
PM Academic Teacher in Philosophy
dr. A.M. Cawston
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2019
Starting block
SM 1
Course mode
Registration openfrom 20/08/2019 up to and including 24/01/2020
On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
  1. Describe and critically discuss the main points of each political philosopher covered (including Plato, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Hegel, Marx, and others)
  2. Analyze the thematic connections between these philosophers and identify points of disagreement.
  3. Utilize secondary readings to explain and evaluate the key positions explored in the course.
  4. Develop and communicate sustained argumentation via philosophical writing.
The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to key questions in political philosophy through a study of some of its most influential and important figures. The course will examine a number of central questions, including who should rule, what justifies the state, and what should the relationship be between the individual and society? In addressing these questions, the course will introduce students to several prominent thinkers including Plato, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Hegel, Karl Marx, and others. Students will engage with influential primary readings from each central author, together with selected secondary texts.
Course available for exchange students
Bachelor level
Contact person
dr. A.M. Cawston
Timetable information
Political Philosophy (Political and Social Philosophy 1)
Written test opportunities
Written test opportunities (HIST)
Midterm (25%) / Written Midterm (25%)MIDTERM_01SM 1115-10-2019
Schriftelijk (30%) / Written Final Exam (30%)EXAM_01SM 1110-12-2019
Schriftelijk (30%) / Written Final Exam (30%)EXAM_01SM 1213-01-2020
Midterm (25%) / Written Midterm (25%)MIDTERM_01SM 1213-01-2020
Required materials
To be announced
Information about required course literature will be made available prior to the course.
Recommended materials
Assignment (15%)

Written Final Exam (30%)

Final Result

Written Midterm (25%)

Paper (30%)

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