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Course module: 310155-M-3
Methods: Experiments and Surveys
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Course module310155-M-3
Credits (ECTS)3
CategoryMA (Master)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Economics and Management; TiSEM: Economics; Economics;
Is part of
M Economics
prof. dr. S.T. Trautmann
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2019
Starting block
Course mode
Registration openfrom 19/08/2019 up to and including 18/10/2019
After completing the course, students are able to formulate an empirical research question, and to design an experiment or a survey to collect data to answer this research question. Students are able to make informed choices among different survey and experimental methods, and to critically discuss methodological issues and  assess the strengths and weaknesses of existing surveys/experiments and the resulting data (produced by academic and non-academic sources).

The course grade will be assessed by a written exam (100%). 

Recommended Prerequisites
Students should have a basic knowledge of statistics (e.g. descriptive statistics) and econometrics
Survey data are widely used by economists in academic contexts, as well as in applied contexts in financial institutions, international organizations, or by policy makers. Survey data may concern consumers' or investors' behavior, attitudes, or economic expectations. Statistics and econometrics courses provide students with a tool box to analyze existing data, but provide little guidence as to how collect new empirical data tailored to a specific empirical research question. This course is focused on data collection. Students will get acquainted with methods of how to collect data with surveys and experiments. They will learn about pros and cons of different methods, and how survey design should account for the respondents' background.           

Skills: Experimental and survey design, collecting and analyzing data.

Course material: There exists no text book yet; handouts and background articles will be provided.
Type of instructions
Each week 4 hours of interactive meetings.

Type of exam
Final written exam.
Compulsory Reading
Provided during the course.
Course available for exchange students
Master level, conditions apply
Contact person
prof. dr. S.T. Trautmann
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Methods: Experiments and Surveys
Written test opportunities
Written test opportunities (HIST)
Schriftelijk / WrittenEXAM_01BLOK 1117-10-2019
Schriftelijk / WrittenEXAM_01BLOK 2210-01-2020
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