Kies de Nederlandse taal
Course module: 890130-B-12
Dutch as a Second Language: Upper-Intermediate
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Course module890130-B-12
Credits (ECTS)12
CategoryBA (Bachelor)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionDutch
Offered byTilburg University; Language Center; AS: Language Center Dutch; AS: Language Center Dutch;
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NT2 Advanced
Contact personJ.P.G.M. Smits
Coordinator course
P.A. van Bielder, MA
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drs. M.J.W. Brand
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L.A.J. Duenk
Other course modules lecturer
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BLOK 1/  BLOK 2/  BLOK 3
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The course is aimed at improving the proficiency of the participants to the academic level required in higher education and higher-level professional work environments. In addition, participants improve their knowledge of Dutch culture in a broader sense. At the end of the course, participants are prepared for the NT2 State Exam, programme II and will have reached a B2 CEFR level.
  • Tilburg University Language Center is accredited with the ‘Blik op Werk’ quality mark. This means that you can attend our intensive courses Dutch as a Second Language with the aid of a DUO-loan.
  • Participants are expected to spend approximately 15 to 20 hours on independent study each week.
  • The course lasts for 12 weeks and consists of 10 lesson weeks (with three contact hours twice a week), and two exam weeks. You will need to spend at least 20 hours on the course (lessons plus self-study).
  • To take part in the final exam, 80% attendance is required and you need to have handed in at least 80% of the writing assignments.
  • The number of students in this course is limited. Please make sure to register in time and to fill out a complete registration form online.
  • In the event of insufficient enrollments, the Language Center reserves the right to cancel a course.
  • You  are obliged to buy the course materials. You will receive the materials during the first lesson.
Required Prerequisites
  • Participants must be either Tilburg University students or staff members or external enrollees with qualifications that permit them to enter Dutch higher education.
  • Participants must have completed the TiU-course Dutch as a Second Language: Intermediate, or have CEFR B1, or a comparable level. If you haven't completed the Intermediate course at Tilburg University, you are required to do an intake interview.
During this intensive course, you work towards a proficiency level sufficient for a study program in higher education (NT2-II State Exam) or employment in further or higher education. You continue to develop your general proficiency. During the lessons, attention is paid not only to oral proficiency, but also to reading, writing, and listening skills. This will prepare you for the various sections of the State Examination (B2-level). You also train basic academic skills such as taking notes, oral presentation, and oral and written argumentation. At the end of the course, you will be prepared for the NT2 State Exam, programme II. It is also possible to continue your learning process and achieve an even higher level of Dutch in our Advanced course.

Type of instructions

Type of exams
Written and oral exam
Timetable information
890130-B-12|NT2: Gevorderden
Required materials
You will receive the materials during the first lesson: see specifics
Title:Nederlands op niveau
Author:Berna de Boer e.a.
Recommended materials
Dictionary: recommended reading
Title:Van Dale Basiswoordenboek Nederlands
Author:Marja Verburg e.a
Publisher:Van Dale
Kies de Nederlandse taal