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Course module: 100237-B-0
Mathematics B (pre-bachelor)
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Course module100237-B-0
Credits (ECTS)0
CategoryBA (Bachelor)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byTilburg University; Language Center; Language Center;
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prof. dr. H.W. Norde
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Academic year2018
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SM 1/  SM 2
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RemarksThis information is not up to date. Check the Course Catalog 2019 or select the course via “Register”.
Registration openfrom 08/08/2018 11:00 up to and including 21/08/2018 12:00
The course Mathematics B covers the Dutch VWO programme in Mathematics B required to enroll in various HE institutes in the Netherlands.
  • Differentiation: power functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, product rule, quotient rule, chain rule, extremes and inflection points
  • Integration: power functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, area between functions, volume of revolution around X-axis or Y-axis, centre of mass, arc length.
  • Trigonometry: sum and difference formulas, Simpson formulas, trigonometric functions, harmonic functions Lissajous figures (parametric curves)
Proofs in Euclidian Geometry:
  • Proofs of congruence and similarity of triangles
  • Perpendicular bisector and outer circle, theorem of perpendicular bisectors
  • Bisector and inner circle, theorem of bisectors
  • Altitude line, median line, theorem of altitude lines, theorem of median lines
  • Quadrangles, quadrilaterals, theorem of quadrilaterals
  • Central angle, circumferential angle, theorem of circumferential angle
  • Theorem of Thales, theorem of a constant angle, theorem chord and tangent
  • Inverse theorem of Thales, inverse theorem of constant angle
  • Proofs from the absurd

  • Lessons usually start with a classical explanation of the theory, after which you will work on exercises with the help of the teacher or an assistant.
  • For pre-bachelor courses, the rules and regulations of the pre-bachelor program apply.
  • After the course, participants will take part in an official exam at Boswell Bèta. If the study of choice of the participant has stricter requirements, the CCVX-exam can be taken.


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100237-B-0|Wiskunde B (pre-ba)
Required materials
- Textbook: included in and offered by the course - Graphing calculator: loan is included in the course - Protractor: purchase
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