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Course module: U40056-M-30
Internship Categorial Pastoral Care
Course info
Course moduleU40056-M-30
Credits (ECTS)30
CategoryMA (Master)
Course typeInternship
Language of instructionDutch
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Catholic Theology; TST: Prac. Theology/Religious Studies; Practical Theology and Religious Studies;
Is part of
M Theology
drs. T. Borggrefe
Other course modules lecturer
drs. M.E. Broos
Other course modules lecturer
dr. J.W.G. Korver
Other course modules lecturer
drs. S.J. Mangnus
Other course modules lecturer
dr.drs. W.M. Speelman
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2020
Starting block
Course mode
RemarksCaution: this information is subject to change
Registration openfrom 17/08/2020 up to and including 20/08/2021
  • You have an identity as a starting professional pastor or spiritual care giver.
  • Gradually, you work more and more independently as a starting professional pastor in the field of chaplaincy/spiritual care, liturgy and diaconia, in the concrete organizational setting of the trainee post.
  • On a starter's level, you handle the systemic and organizational dimensions of the pastoral profession.
  • You are able to reflect on your experiences as pastoral trainee, to integrate the personal, professional, and organizational dimensions of the pastoral profession in a dynamic way.
  • You are able to learn from professional experiences, to reflect in and on action, and to examine your pastoral identity, communication and style in a critical and permanent manner.
  • On a starter's level, you have insight in your strengths and weaknesses, in the way these qualities take root in your biography, and in the connections to your professional style and your spirituality.
  • You are open for feedback and reflection on personal experiences, and you are willing to learn from other's experiences.
  • The main courses of specialized ministry are scheduled in parallel to the internship.
  • The number of credits depends on whether you are following a full- or part-time program.
Required Prerequisites
Some courses of the first year of the Master Theology, as indicated in the training manual.
Recommended Prerequisites
Ability to reflection, collaboration, and feedback.
  • The internship takes place in an organization for specialized ministry.
  • As a pastoral trainee you do pastoral, liturgical, and group work. Part of your activities is shaped as an independent project.
  • As an intern you receive instructions by an expert pastoral professional.
  • In relation to the objectives of the course and to your personal learning objectives, you write a so called learning agreement, and an evaluation halfway and at the end of the internship.
  • You take part in a group supervision. By means of reflection papers and reports of pastoral conversations, you work on the development of a more integrated identity as a minister/chaplain/spiritual care giver.
  • At the beginning of the second internship, you write the draft of a project on pastoral care, liturgy, or diaconia. You carry out this project in the second part of the practical year.
  • You reflect on and practise with aspects of pastoral conversation.
  • You reflect on and practise with aspects of group processes and leadership.
  • You reflect on and practise with aspects of corporality and spirituality.
Type of instructions
Practicum/internship, training, supervision.
Type of exams
Reflection paper, report, case study, evaluation.

Recommended Reading
  1. A. Droogers, Zingeving als spel. Over religie, macht en speelse spiritualiteit, Almere: Parthenon, 2010, ISBN 978 90 795 78146.
  2. J. van Ark & H. de Roest, De weg van de groep. Leidinggeven aan groepen in gemeente en parochie, Zoetermeer: Meinema (2e druk), 2007, ISBN 9789021139623.
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Contact person
drs. M.E. Broos
Timetable information
Internship Categorial Pastoral Care
Required materials
ISBN:978 90 244 02021
Title:Psychologische gespreksvoering. Een basis voor hulpverlening
Author:G. Lang & H.T. van der Molen
Publisher:Soest: Nelissen, 2015
Title:Begeleiden van groepen. Groepsdynamica in de praktijk
Author:J. Remmerswaal
Publisher:Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum
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