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Course module: 826163-B-6
Interpretation of Cultural Expressions
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Course module826163-B-6
Credits (ECTS)6
CategoryBA (Bachelor)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences; TSHD: Department of Culture Studies; Culture Studies;
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B Communication and Information Sciences
B Culture Studies
PM Art, Media and Society
PM Children's and Young Adult Literature
PM Academic Teacher in Dutch Language and Literature
PM Art and Media Studies
Minor Culture Studies
Minor Interculturele Communicatie
Minor Online Culture: Art in the Public Sphere
Minor Online Culture: Culture and Literature
prof. dr. A.M. Backus
Other course modules lecturer
prof. dr. O.M. Heynders
Other course modules lecturer
dr. M.J.M. Hoondert
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2020
Starting block
SM 2
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RemarksCaution: this information is subject to change
Registration openfrom 20/01/2021 up to and including 20/08/2021
The aim of the course ‘Interpretation of Cultural Expressions’ is to familiarise students with a number of scientific approaches that are used in assigning meaning to works of art. The students learn to analyse and interpret different cultural expressions. This course focuses specifically on narratives and narratology (the theory of storytelling), music and insights from the philosophy of music and musicology, and the ways in which art and entertainment (especially movies and TV fiction) provide windows on social issues.

Performance on the course is assessed through a take-home exam and two written assignments.
Knowledge: after completing this course, the student…
  1. has familiarised themselves with the fundamental aspects of a narratological approach to a cultural product;
  2. understands the possible functions of the concept of metafiction;
  3. grasps the process of intermedial adaptation (book-film);
  4. understands the concept of fan fiction and its possible functions;
  5. knows several cultural approaches of the interpretation of music: beyond the language paradigm, the performative, the emotional and sociological approaches;
  6. is able to understand how art and entertainment may convey social messages.
Skills: after completing this course, the student is able to…
  1. formulate a substantiated and well-argued interpretation of a narrative;
  2. identify the narrating or focalising instance in a narrative;
  3. identify instances of metafiction in a narrative;
  4. analyse the process of intermedial adaptation (book-film);
  5. describe the function of a piece of fan fiction;
  6. apply several cultural approaches of the interpretation of music to a self-selected piece of music;
  7. extract the socio-cultural commentary from a work of art or entertainment.
Character building:
Intellectual independence: Students are able to independently analyse cultural expressions from different perspectives in order to arrive at a substantiated, personal opinion.

The course consists of 12 modules in which primary literature is discussed as well as practical applications of theory to the interpretation of various kinds of artistic products. Two assignments will accompany the modules, and a take-home exam closes off the course.

Compulsory Reading
  1. to be announced
Contact person
prof. dr. A.M. Backus
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Interpretation of Cultural Expressions
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2 Papers (60%)

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