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Course module: 550013-B-12
Bachelor's Thesis: Economic Psychology
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Course module550013-B-12
Credits (ECTS)12
CategoryBA (Bachelor)
Course typeThesis
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences; TSB: Social Psychology; Social Psychology;
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B Psychology (Dutch)
B Psychology (English)
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dr. M. Bender
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M.J. de Bruijn, MSc
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dr. T.M. Erle
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Dr A.M. Evans, PhD
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dr. D.J. Holtrop
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Academic year2020
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Registration openfrom 17/08/2020 up to and including 20/08/2021

Thesis learning goals
The main objective of the bachelor thesis is for students to individually perform an academic research project and write an academic report on this project. On successful completion of the bachelor thesis, students will be able to:

  • identify and define a problem relevant to the field of psychology (s)he is majoring in;
  • evaluate critically the literature relevant to the problem and synthesize the review with a short summary and thorough appraisal of previous work;
  • develop a research question and subsequently formulate hypotheses based on the reviewed literature;
  • apply basic research methods in psychology, including research design and data analysis, as well as interpret data to answer the research question
  • discuss the outcomes in relation to the hypotheses and previous work and draw a conclusion from this;
  • reflect critically on the conducted research by noting its limitations and translate findings and limitations of the current study to implications for science and/ or practice;
  • [when applicable: reflect critically on the ethical considerations of the research]
  • present all of the above in a scientific report (thesis) written in proper academic Dutch or English, while using the most recent APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines;
  • demonstrate an academic work attitude in both thesis process and product. This means that students demonstrate the ability to use feedback from supervisors in a constructive and conscientious manner and demonstrate the ability to conduct the research independently.
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Dr A.M. Evans PhD
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Bachelor's Thesis: Economic Psychology
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