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Course module: 500972-M-12
Internship I Economic Psychology
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Course module500972-M-12
Credits (ECTS)12
CategoryMA (Master)
Course typeInternship
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences; TSB: Social Psychology; Social Psychology;
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M Social Psychology: Economic Psychology
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dr. M. Bender
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dr. T.M. Erle
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Dr A.M. Evans, PhD
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dr. D.J. Holtrop
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B. Jaeger
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Academic year2020
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Registration openfrom 17/08/2020 up to and including 20/08/2021
The main objective of the internship is for you to familiarize yourself with professional activities of an Economic or Work and Organizational Psychologist. An internship provides you with the opportunity to look around in organizations before you apply for a real job. It may also provide you with the opportunity to apply knowledge in practical situations, to learn skills, and to try out professional activities under supervision (with feedback regarding your performance but without the full responsibility). The experience you gain during the internship may raise your chances on the job market.

Learning Goals
On successful completion of the internship, students will be able to:
  1. identify and describe scientific knowledge which is relevant for her/his professional tasks during the internship, and argue why and how this knowledge is relevant.
  2. critically analyze to what extent this scientific knowledge can be used to improve processes/outcomes for the professional organization.
  3. evaluate what the shortcomings are of this scientific knowledge to be applicable in practice, and what could be added/altered in order to enhance applicability.
  4. translate knowledge and skills from other scientific disciplines are relevant for practice in the internship (e.g., labor law, business insights, programming skills)
  5. plan and conduct the internship tasks in an independent (e.g., planning, reporting) and professional manner (i.e., communication skills, feedback, responsibility, teamwork).
  6. formulate personal learning goals related to the development of soft skills and task specific skills and to specify how they want to achieve these learning goals.


A standard internship is 12 ECTS (this includes the time that you need to write the reports). Since 1 ECTS corresponds with 28 hours, the total duration of the internship should be minimum 336 hours, which translates into 42 workdays (2 months fulltime).
It is possible to combine this internship with Internship II, consisting of 6 ECTS, in one big internship. If you choose to do so, the internship duration is approximately 3 months fulltime.
Student performance on the internship learning goals are assessed by the following three assessment types: An Internship Proposal, graded as pass/fail by the internal and the external supervisor. An Internship report, graded as pass/fail by the external supervisor. An Advisory report, graded on a 4-10 scale by the internal supervisor. The Internship Proposal, to be submitted at the start of the internship, describes what the student is going to do at which organization. The Internship Report, to be completed at the end of the internship, provides an overview of the activities performed during the internship and an evaluation of the extent to which the learning goals, as drafted in the internship proposal, were attained. Finally, the Advisory Report analyzes a problem in the host organization, and provides the organization with a solution for this problem which is based on scientific knowledge from the field of social, economic, work and organizational psychology or an adjacent scientific field.
The Internship is exclusively for students who fulfill the requirements of the master Social Psychology.
You are personally responsible for finding an internship.
During your internship you will be assisted by two supervisors. The first one is a faculty member of the Social Psychology department. This is the same person as the Master thesis supervisor. This person will make sure that the internship meets the minimum demands (as specified below).  The other one is the organizational supervisor (at the internship organization). This person has regular appointments with the intern (aim at least 1x per week) and sets dates/times of meetings for supervision.
The internship should always be approved by the supervisor at the university before you can start.
What are the minimum demands for an internship?
  1. You should familiarize yourself with professional activities relevant to an Economic- or Work and Organizational Psychologist. In other words, your internship should be relevant to your study program.
  2. Your supervisor at the organization should have demonstrable qualifications. Preferably, she/he is a social scientist (ideally an Economic or Work and Organizational psychologist) with an academic background and has extensive experience in her/his field of work.
  3. You should be able to plan regular meetings with this supervisor at the organization (preferably at least once a week).
  4. The host institution should be a Dutch organization. This is required for your Tilburg University supervisor to oversee the quality of the supervision. Exceptions are only possible under stringent conditions. This is only possible in case (a) you have a compelling reason that prohibits you from staying in the Netherlands, (b) the host institution is an internationally renowned organization, (c) the supervisor has a degree that we can acknowledge, and (d) has excellent English language skills.
In addition, you need to make sure that your activities during the internship enable you to comply with the learning goals of the internship.
Contact person
dr. R.M.A. Nelissen
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Internship I Economic Psychology
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review Ind.proposal TiU

review Ind.proposal Internship

Internship report

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