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Course module: 410130-B-6
Advanced Project Management
Course info
Course module410130-B-6
Credits (ECTS)6
CategoryBA (Bachelor)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences; TSB: Organization Studies; Organization Studies;
Is part of
B Organization Studies
B Organization Studies: Global Management of Social Issues 
C. Karaduman, MSc
Other course modules lecturer
R. Kenda
Other course modules lecturer
mr. A.R.P. Massella
Other course modules lecturer
prof. dr. L.A.G. Oerlemans
Other course modules lecturer
C.C. van Waveren, Pr Eng
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2020
Starting block
Course mode
Registration openfrom 18/01/2021 up to and including 20/08/2021
The general aim of the course is to deepen students' knowledge and understanding of project and multi-stakeholder management especially applied to dealing with wicked problems. After taking this course, students:
  • Know what multi-organizational projects are.
  • Have deepened their understanding of aspects of project management and multiple stakeholder management in particular.
  • Are able to apply their knowledge of project and multi-stakefolder management (e.g. in assignments and serious games).
  • Develop experience with the coordination of multi-organizational efforts to deal with wicked problems.
Prior knowledge of the course Financial and Project Management or an equivalent course are necessary to participate
Recommended Prerequisites
Financial and Project Management (440026)
Because wicked problems often are dealt within and by intra- or inter-organizational projects (with so-called collaborative strategies), GMSI students also have to be knowledgeable about managing such coordinated efforts. In the second year of the GMSI program, the knowledge acquired in the 1st year course Financial and Project Management is extended and deepened in the course Advanced Project Management.
Examples of topics addressed in the course are: Project cost management; Stakeholder management; Risk management; Procurement management; Project-organizational structures; Project management standards (PRINCE2, PMBOK, ISO21500).
An important application of the course content is a simulation game in which students participate in a role play in which they have to organize and coordinate a multi-organizational effort to fight a humanitarian crisis. In this way they train their overall preparedness and response capacity to a wicked problem.
Type of instructions
Lectures, work groups
Type of exams
Written exam, report
Contact person
prof. dr. L.A.G. Oerlemans
Timetable information
Advanced Project Management
Required materials
Recommended materials
List of literature
Before the course starts a literature list will be made available on Canvas.

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