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Course module: JBE140-B-5
Business Insights
Course info
Course moduleJBE140-B-5
Credits (ECTS)5
CategoryBA (Bachelor)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg Law School; TLS Other;
Is part of
B Data Science
prof. dr. R.T.A.J. Leenders
Other course modules lecturer
dr. M.T. Smits
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2019
Starting block
SM 1
Course mode
RemarksRegistration for this course takes place in Eindhoven.
Registration openfrom 14/08/2019 up to and including 02/08/2020
preliminary learning goals:
  • Have insight in methods to analyze the structure and key players in business networks
  • Be able to analyze the ‘as-is’ situation and the development of business networks
  • Have insight in methods to evaluate business performance at network and firm levels
  • Have insight in the processes of innovation in business networks;
  • Have insight in types of innovation and success of innovation
  • Be able to analyze the innovation potential of a business network using the ‘business model canvas’ method
  • Be able to analyze and predict the impact of technology on business processes, value chains, and business networks.

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Business Insights
Structure of the course (weeks 1-7) (preliminary):
  1. Business network analysis (Leenders ea). What is the structure of a business network? Why do networks exist? How do networks function and develop over time?
  2. Innovation, KPIs and Performance analysis of innovations (Smits ea). Balanced scorecard at firm level and network level. What is network performance? How can performance of innovation be assessed? Which are typical KPIs for financial performance? Process performance? Market performance? Organizational change performance? Do KPIs at network level match KPIs at firm level? Literature includes Balanced Scorecard (Kaplan and Norton).
  3. Types of innovation and success of innovation. Literature includes chapter 5 (business model innovation), chapter 10 (innovation in online communities) and chapter 12 (innovation in B2B commerce).
Contact person
dr. M.T. Smits
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Business Insights
Written test opportunities
Written test opportunities (HIST)
Schriftelijk / WrittenEXAM_01SM 1108-11-2019
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