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Course module: 995012-B-6V
General Didactics / Teaching Methodology
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Course module995012-B-6V
Credits (ECTS)6
CategoryBA (Bachelor)
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Language of instructionDutch
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences; Universitaire Lerarenopleiding;
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dr. M.A.A. van Amelsvoort
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Academic year2019
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The goal of the course General Didactics (Algemene Didactiek, in Dutch only) is to educate competent secondary school teachers at an academic level. Leading are the three competency requirements for education personnel (see, only in Dutch): A teacher should be competent in 1) subject content, 2) didactics, and 3) pedagogy. In this course we focus on the latter two. We will discuss both practical and theoretical content to add to the competency requirements.
At the end of the course, the student can:
  • Describe the Model Didactic Analysis (Van Gelder), recognize and use the components in own and other teachers’ lesson(s).
  • Describe and use in own class theories regarding class climate (more specifically motivational theories, group dynamics, teacher perceptions).
  • Describe four important learning theories (behaviorism, cultural-historical psychology, cognitivism and constructivism), and ascribe a certain didactic move to one of these theories.
  • Describe how adolescents learn and be able to choose the didactics suitable for this age group in common lesson situations.
  • Describe how adolescents develop, and develop a suitable approach for individuals or the class.
  • Analyse lessons by way of observation, design and reflection, and improve these based on theories and concepts as mentioned above.
  • Give a funded opinion based on literature and critical reflection about didactic formats, personalization in classrooms, assessment, and new ways of education.
  • Evaluate the quality and validity of education reserach.
  • Present and defend a scientifically funded idea in an academic and persuasive way.
Examination consists of:
- 13 short knowledge tests given BEFORE each class. This part is 35% of the grade.  
- a poster presentation on an important article in education research. This part is 30% of the grade.
- an open-book exam about the whole of the course. stof. This part is 35% of the grade.
General Didactics and Didactics for specific subjects need to be taken at the same time.
General Didactics can also be taken by bachelor students ACW and CIS who do not take the education minor, but only if they take both General Didactics and Didactics for Dutch Language and Literature.
In the first week, we have three intensive days in which we briefly discuss a number of important aspects of being a teacher, such as the secondary school student, class management, and education myths. Every class after that week has a different educational theme, relating it to didactic or pedagogical theories and implementation. For example: Model didactic analysis, theories on class climate (specifically motation theories, group dynamics, teacher perceptions), learning theories (e.g., behaviorism, constructivism, cognitivism), and theme’s such as class communication, ways of working, preparing lessons, and evaluation. Every class has a theoretical and practical part. Ways of working can range from lectures, direct instruction, to collaborative learning and flipping the classroom.

Compulsory literature
  1. Ebbens, S. & Ettekoven, S., Effectief leren basisboek. Noordhoff Uitgevers, 2015 (4e editie), ISBN 9789001815448.
  2. Van der Veen, T. & Van der Wal, J., Van leertheorie naar onderwijspraktijk, Noordhoff Uitgevers, 2016 (6e editie), ISBN 9789001809249.
  3. Teitler, P., Lessen in Orde, Uitgeverij Coutinho (3e druk). ISBN 9789046905531
Contact person
dr. M.A.A. van Amelsvoort
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General Didactics / Teaching Methodology
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Open Book Exam (65%)

Presentation (35%)

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