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Course module: 880571-M-3
Statistics and Experimental Methods 1
Course info
Course module880571-M-3
Credits (ECTS)3
CategoryMA (Master)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences; TSH: Commun. and Inform. Sciences; TSH: Department Communication and Cognition;
Is part of
M Communication and Information Sciences (research)
M Linguistics and Communication Sciences (research)
Convenant TSH
Academic year2019
Starting block
Course mode
Registration openfrom 14/10/2019 up to and including 24/01/2020
After succesfully completing this course, the student is able to
  • choose and carry out appropriate statistical analysis for research questions involving continuous and categorical data (e.g. Factorial ANOVA, repeated measures ANOVA, multiple regression, logistic regression)
  • investigate data for violations of the underlying assumptions for each analysis
  • provide sound interpretation of such analyses and report their results accurately and accessibly
  • to reflect critically on different statistical methods and procedures

The course offers a mixture of research methodology, research design and statistical data analysis. We will look at different aspects of the research cycle, with an emphasis on strengthening the research and analytical skills of the student.

The student will acquire basic skills in using the statistical software package SPSS. The design and statistical analysis of several research methods will be analyzed in detail. In addition, several recent topics in the field of methodology and statistics (replication, null hypothesis significance testing, confidence intervals, effect sizes, data management, research ethics) will be touched upon.

Contact person
dr. M.M.H. Pollmann
Timetable information
Statistics and Experimental Methods 1
Required materials
Field, A. P. (2018). Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS Statistics. Fifth Edition. London: Sage Publications. ISBN: 978-1-5264-1952-1 (paperback)/ 978-1-5264-1951-4 (hardcover)
Title:Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS Statistics
Author:Andy Field
Publisher:Sage Publications
Recommended materials
Written (60%)

Final Result

2 Take home exams (each 20%)

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