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Course module: 690933-M-12
Thesis International and European Law
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Course module690933-M-12
Credits (ECTS)12
CategoryMA (Master)
Course typeThesis
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg Law School; TLS: Europ. and International Public Law; European and International Public Law;
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M International and European Law
Lecturer J. Somsen
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2019
Starting block
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Registration openfrom 14/08/2019 up to and including 02/08/2020
  • The main objective is the production of a fully-fledged thesis on a particular topic.
  • This entails a number of research and writing tasks and also includes the oral defence of the thesis after it is finalized.


This course will consist of two lectures on researchmethodology and writing the thesis.


The two lectures on researchmethodology

The two lectures will be  given in both semesters. Students who start in September with their MA thesis have to follow the lectures in  September/October. Students  starting in Jauary will follow the lectures given in March.

The first lecture will give the students a general idea of the options they have when choosing a topic for their thesis. Further,  legal research theories and methodologies will be explained.  

Students also have to  make a researchproposal after the first lecture. This proposal will be discussed during the second lecture.

The two lectures will be taught in both semesters. Students  starting in September follow the lectures in Sptember/October. Students starting in January follow the lectures  in March. 

Students can start writing their thesis after:

  • Registration in the scriptiedossier (
  • Following the two lectures
  • After receiving by e-mail from the scriptiedossier/ coordinator with the name of the supervisor.
  • After contacting their supervisor for a first meeting.


The deadline for submitting the final version of the MA thesis:

  • For students starting in September: 20 June
  • For students  starting in January: 1 December


Further information will be placed on Blackboard


Type of instructions

Individual thesis

Type of exams

Individual thesis (including defence)
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M.A.H. Kouwenberg
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Thesis International and European Law
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