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Course module: 620230-B-6
Fundamental Rights
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Course module620230-B-6
Credits (ECTS)6
CategoryBA (Bachelor)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg Law School; TLS: Europ. and International Public Law; European and International Public Law;
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B Law: Track International and European Law
B Global Law
Dr C. Raucea
Other course modules lecturer
M. Stremler, LLM
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2019
Starting block
SM 1
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Registration openfrom 14/08/2019 up to and including 02/08/2020
  • To introduce students to the human rights architecture of the European space: students will be introduced to fundamental rights in the European Union, to human rights within the Council of Europe, to the inter-relation between the two systems and between these systems and the national level
  • To introduce students to the system and substance of the European Convention on Human Rights
  • To introduce students to the history, structure and substance of fundamenal rights protection in the European Union
  • To consider human rights protection in the context of some pressing contemporary topics, such as terrorism, the economic crisis and immigration
  • To ensure that students are familiar with and able to 'read' case-law from the European Court of Justice and the European Convention on Human Rights
More information on the course and on the content of each class will be available via the course. This coursebook will be available via Blackboard well in advance of the start of the course. Students will be expected to have downloaded the coursebook and to have studied it prior to the start of the course. Students are expected to come to each class and participate actively. The course uses weekly assignments, to be submitted prior to each class. These assignments will be discussed in class . Two of them will be randomly selected and their evaluation will constitute 25% of the overall grade.
Recommended Prerequisites
Students are expected to have a solid understanding and knowledge of the foundations of EU law and the institutional structure of the EU. This is not a course for beginners to EU law.
The course consists of two key parts: the first is an introduction to human rights protection under the Council of Europe - a regional organisation governed by international law. Here we will focus on the European Convention on Human Rights. The second part of the course focuses on fundamental rights protection in the sui generic entity that is the European Union. Here, fundamental rights are governed by EU law. Although this course is composed of two halves, the intersections between these two systems of rights protection, and their interaction with the national level, form a key element of this course. We will consider the extent to which it is possible to speak of a common European architecture of human rights protection. Part one on the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) will introduce students to the architecture and machinery of the Convention process; to a number of the substantive rights contained in the Convention; and to the reasoning that the Court uses in deciding cases. Part two on fundamental rights protection in the EU will examine firstly the history and sources of fundamental rights protection, and the mechanisms of fundamental rights protection. The second theme concerns the substance of the rights, which will be examined through the lenses of economic integration and the fight against terrorism. The third theme concerns the inter-relations between the EU and the ECHR, in particular the requirement that the EU accede to the ECHR. Each part of the course consist of 5 lectures and 1 intense study group; the latter will concern the in-depth study of a single case.

Type of instructions

Type of exams
Written Exam (75 % of the overall grade) + Assignments (two assignments will be randomly selected and their evaluation will constitute the 25 % of the overall grade).
Resit is worth 100% of the overall grade
Course available for exchange students
Bachelor level
Contact person
Dr C. Raucea
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Fundamental Rights
Written test opportunities
Written test opportunities (HIST)
Schriftelijk (75%) / Written (75%)EXAM_01SM 1116-12-2019
Schriftelijk (75%) / Written (75%)EXAM_01SM 1223-01-2020
Required materials
(students can also opt for the e-book version of this text-book)
Title:Jacobs, White, and Ovey: The European Convention on Human Rights
Author:Bernadette Rainey, Elizabeth Wicks, and Clare Ovey
Publisher:Oxford Univeristy Press
To be announced
literature for the EU part of the course will be announced through Blackboard
This coursebook will be available on BB and it will contain detailed information about each class and about the required assignments.
Recommended materials
Written (75%)

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Other_1 (25%)

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