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Course module: 500989-M-18
Master's Thesis Clinical Psychology
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Course module500989-M-18
Credits (ECTS)18
CategoryMA (Master)
Course typeThesis
Language of instructionDutch
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences; TSB: Medical and Clinical Psychology; Medical and Clinical Psychology;
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M Psychology and Mental Health: Clinical Psychology
dr. E.E. Hartman
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2019
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Registration openfrom 13/08/2019 up to and including 02/08/2020
The aim of the master's thesis is to gain experience in autonomously conducting empirical research, as well as in how to report empirical research in the form of a research report. The master's thesis will be written in the form of a research article, that is, in the format that is used by psychological scientific journals.

After completing the masters thesis students are able to (learning goals):
1. autonomously conducting scientific research, including design, ethical approval, data collection, and data analysis
2. in an introduction critically review relevant literature for the background of the current study, logically leading to the research question and hypotheses
3. in a methods section comprehensively and correctly report on the used research methods (participants, materials, design, procedure, analyses)
4. in a results section comprehensively and correctly report on the results of the used analytical techniques
5. in a discussion section correctly and critically interpret the research results, in light of the hypotheses, previous research, theory, and study limitations
6. succintly summarise the background, aims, methods, results, and conclusion/discussion in a brief abstract
7.  summarise the background, aims, methods, results, and conclusion/discussion during an oral presentation

In the third bachelor year students must seek contact with the research coordinator (see Blackboard for the exact procedures). Students who want to write their master thesis in Clinical Psychology must contact in case they want to do an internship. Then a personal talk will be scheduled and information will be given on both the internship and the master thesis.
The research as well as the writing phase of the master's thesis will be monitored by tutors of the Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology. The tutors monitor the progression of the research and will meet regularly with the students to guide them in the process.
A compulsory integral part of the master's thesis are the practicals of Research Skills. Research Skills aims to improve the student's knowledge and abilities of how to do and present scientific research.
Central to Research Skills are two compulsory components and one lecture: for OV-I students must hand in (in writing) the research strategy; during OV-II (lecture) the course focuses on how to write a research paper; and for OV-III students must present the results of the study. Additional information can be found on Blackboard at Masters Thesis Psychology and Mental Health, program Clinical Psychology.
The master thesis will be deemed sufficient when:
  1. The research paper has been approved by two tutors. This report has the form of a research paper and is of sufficient quality to be submitted to a scientific journal;
  2. The student has attended the lecture of Research Skills, and has successfully completed all the assignments related to this course.
On Blackboard extensive information can be found about the research themes of the tutors; the procedure when the course is about to be completed; and guidelines on how to write a research paper.
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dr. I. Nyklicek
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Master's Thesis Clinical Psychology
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