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Course module: 410136-B-24
Internship Global Management of Social Issues
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Course module410136-B-24
Credits (ECTS)24
CategoryBA (Bachelor)
Course typeInternship
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences; TSB: Organization Studies; Organization Studies;
Is part of-
Academic year2019
Starting block
Course mode
Registration openfrom 13/08/2019 up to and including 21/08/2020
At the end of the internship students are able to apply their knowledge in a practical organizational and policy context, i.e. they learn how to contribute to organizing for and dealing with wicked problems. Students further learn how to apply their knowledge about the nature and different aspects of ‘wicked’ problems to a related topic and are able to come up with possible intervention strategies. Students further learn to recognize and perform logical analyses of complex organizational and policy problems and to discuss them in their specific inter(national) contexts. They learn and demonstrate how to function in different organizational settings in an international (working) environment.
More specifically, students are able to:
  1. Identify a request for advice or a problem for the organization about a broader organizational or policy issue that has characteristics of a wicked problem and clearly describe this in his/her report.
  2. Identify relevant academic papers, select relevant data for the practical advisory report, and connect relevant theoretical concepts to the practical consultancy assignment.
  3. Choose an appropriate research and data collection method and apply them to the practical consultancy assignment.
  4. Connect the possible implications of outcomes of the research to an advice for the organization or a broader audience dealing with the policy problem.
  5. Write a clear report that has a logical structure.
  6. Select academic knowledge attained in the courses of the international BA GMSI and use this knowledge in the consultancy assignment.
  7. Perform individual activities within an organization in accordance with the internship organization and function as a young professional.
  8. Identify which competences and skills he/she has developed during the internship and reflect critically on these skills and competences. Skills and competences which are to be developed and improved by the internship have to be described in the initial plan. The student explicitly discusses his/her progress with regard to the academic and professional skills that belong to the core skills and learning goals of GMSI 
During the internship, students will perform internship activities given by the chosen organization (profit, non-profit, or public) that are related to the learning goals below and agreed upon before the start of the internship. Next to this, students will perform a consultancy assignment within the chosen organization.
Please be aware that completion of the internship has no effect on the GPA. The internship is assessed with a PASS or FAIL.
Four different internship variants
Next to doing a full internship (30 ECTS) it is also possible to combine an internship with minor courses. There are four possible variants:
  1. 30 ECTS: 24 ECTS internship activities (5 months / 21 weeks) + 6 ECTS consultancy assignment (168 hrs / 15 – 20 pages)
  2. 24 ECTS: 19 ECTS internship activities (4 months / 17 weeks) + 5 ECTS consultancy assignment (140 hrs / 12 – 15 pages) + 6 ECTS minor course(s)
  3. 18 ECTS: 15 ECTS internship activities (3 months / 13 weeks) + 3 ECTS consultancy assignment (84 hrs / 8 – 10 pages) / + 12 ECTS minor courses
  4. 12 ECTS: 10 ECTS internship activities (8 weeks) + 2 ECTS consultancy assignment (56 hrs / (6-8 pages) + 18 ECTS minor courses

Agreement with Stellenbosch
Stellenbosch University is one of the partner universities of Tilburg University. Instead of going there for an exchange / study abroad it is also possible to combine courses with an internship. For this combination there are two spots availaible per year. There is only one variant possible:
30 ECTS: 9 ECTS internship activities (7 weeks) + 3 ECTS consultancy assignment (84 hrs / 8-10 pages) + 18 ECTS minor courses
Contact person
dr. J. Raab
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Internship Global Management of Social Issues
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