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Course module: 400867-M-6
RM: Emotion and Motivation
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Course module400867-M-6
Credits (ECTS)6
CategoryMA (Master)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences; TSB: Social Psychology; Social Psychology;
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M Social and Behavioural Sciences (research)
dr. Y.M.J. Stráznický van Osch
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2019
Starting block
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Registration openfrom 07/10/2019 up to and including 02/08/2020

This course familiarizes you with the different psychological perspectives on what emotions are, explains what triggers specific emotions and details the various processes through which emotions shape people’s interactions with their (social) environments. You will also develop an understanding of how the influence of emotions on behavior relates to certain phenomena and problems in society.


the course consists of 14 bi-weekly meetings for which attendance is mandatory. Meetings will be run as seminars and will require preparation at home. Specifics of the discussion topics and the practical assignments will depend upon the number of students that enroll for the course. The grade will be based on adequate (pass / fail) completion of the practical assignmetns and the  grade for the final exam.


This course takes a problem based-approach to understand the central role that emotions play in orchestrating people’s interactions with their (social) environments at various levels, ranging from the unconscious influence of gut-feelings in decision making to the meta-cognitive processes underlying the experience of meaning in our daily lives. To that end, we will consider everyday social phenomena, such as political preferences, consumer behavior, interpersonal relations, and well-being), and their relation to the antecedents and consequences of different, specific emotions. Each of these theoretical analyses also involves a practical component, which will consist of a group-based research-assignment.

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Written exam and group assignments
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dr. Y.M.J. Stráznický van Osch
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RM: Emotion and Motivation
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