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Spirituality and mystagogics
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Course moduleU40013-M-6
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Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Catholic Theology; TST: Prac. Theology/Religious Studies; Practical Theology and Religious Studies;
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M Theology
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dr.drs. W.M. Speelman
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Academic year2018
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SM 2
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-Knowledge about mystagogical competence, that pastoral workers should have at their disposal

In the religious community of the Church, the world is not only considered in the perspective of the problematic, but also as a mystery. The mystery does not call for a solution, but for presence and receptibility: that it may enter into a relationship of self-revelation with the human being. Every human will eventually be confronted with the mystery of life; some may be touched by it so deeply, that they will reform their view on the reality as well as on their own identity. As the Church is losing her influence in society, more and more individuals are left alone with their experiences of the mystery of life. A mystagogue can help this individual to relate him- or herself with the mystery of life. The initiation into the mystery is realized by entering into the unique story of this individual person, and how he or she can transform his or her personal experience into a testimony.

Type of instructions
Lectures and seminar

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Paper, presentation and study questions

Compulsory Reading
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U40013-M-6|Spiritualiteit en mystagogiek
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