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Course module: 880237-M-6
Border traffic: Children's literature and other media
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Course module880237-M-6
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Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences; TSH: Department of Culture Studies; Culture Studies;
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M Culture Studies
M Language and Culture Education
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prof. dr. W.L.H. van Lierop-DeBrauwer
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Students get insight into the relations between children's literature and other media such as children's theatre, film, comics and adult literature. They get insight into the ways in which children's literature is adapted, transformed to other media. They are able to analyze adaptationprocesses and to evaluate the unique characteristics of the various media.
Required Prerequisites
Theoretical and historical reflection on children's literature
Since its development in the second half of the 18th century children's literature has always been multi-medial. Text and images played an important role. Besides books there were children's magazines and theatre plays for children. In the 19th century children's books were adapted for theatre and during the 20th century there also came adaptations for film, television and games. Today children divide their time over a great number of different media, among which are books. In this course the focus is on the relation between children's literature and other media. Attention will be paid to the process of adaptation and the various transformative that take place when a written text is adapted to another medium.

Adaptation is also a key concept in discussions about the relationship between children's literature and adult literature. The last four decennia there is an ongoing discussion about both forms of literature. It is, therefore, also important to look at the similarities and differences between the two literary systems.
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880237-M-6|Grensverkeer: jeugdlit. & andere cul.uit
Required materials
List of literature
A list with primary and secondary literature will be announced on Blackboard
Recommended materials
Title:A Theory of Adaptation
Author:Linda Hutcheon
Paper (100%)

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