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PASS UCTilburg 1
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Course module840101-B-0
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Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences; TSH: Liberal Arts and Sciences; Liberal Arts and Sciences;
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B Liberal Arts and Sciences
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dr. E.A.A. Dreezens
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First of all, Pass UCTilburg focuses on helping you to attain your study related goals. In the first meetings, we will focus on your strong and weak points, and formulate learning goals that help you to decide what you need to do in order to improve your study success. We will provide you with information on how to study for exams and your mentors will be available for questions throughout the year.

Second, the mentorship program is devised to build a community between students and between students and teachers. During the first year of the Mentorship program, you will be divided into groups of 20 students, which will be supervised by a mentor, a teacher in the first year of our curriculum. During the course of the year, you will get to know your fellow groupmates and your mentor pretty well. 

The third focus in this mentorship program is on character building. We will, for instance work on intercultural awareness, so that you learn to deal with the positive, but also the negative sides of studying in an international group. Building these kinds of skills will set you apart from other students when you go looking for an internship, a master program or a job.
The first year of Pass UCTilburg
The first year of Pass UCTilburg will consist of 4 blocks.

Block 1: Your strengths and weaknesses.
In the first block (the first part of the first semester), students will start by getting to know their fellow group members, their mentors and the student body in general. In this period, where students are getting acquainted with what studying at University College Tilburg asks of them, the mentorship program is focused at getting to know their own strengths and weaknesses. This will be done by making use of the core quadrant model by Daniel Offman.
Block 2: Study success by making personal learning goals.
In the second block (after the midterms in the second semester), Pass UCTilburg will focus on study success. Students are asked to come up with their personal learning goals, to raise their study success. These personal learning goals will be used throughout the rest of the year, and they can be adapted as time goes by.

Block 3: Intercultural awareness.
The third block focuses on intercultural awareness. UCTilburg is a thriving international community. All of its students will benefit from the international classroom that they are in, but will sometimes also run into misunderstandings because of cultural differences. In the intercultural awareness classes, students will receive theoretical knowledge, but also practical exercises to deal with these situations in the best way possible.

Block 4: Major choice
The fourth block of Pass UCTilburg is focused on choosing your major. All students have to pick one of the 5 majors that University College Tilburg offers. The mentorship program will provide them with the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision.
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840101-B-0|PASS UCTilburg 1
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