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Course module: 760991-M-24
Thesis Human Resource Studies
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Course module760991-M-24
Credits (ECTS)24
CategoryMA (Master)
Course typeThesis
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences; TSB: Human Resource Studies; Human Resource Studies;
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M Human Resource Studies
Contact personprof. dr. R.F. Poell
dr. W.M.M. Altink-van den Berg
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prof. dr. R.F. Poell
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prof. dr. R.F. Poell
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Academic year2018
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BLOK 1/  BLOK 3/  BLOK 4
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The Human Resource Studies Master  is completed by writing a master's thesis. This thesis can be considered as a competence test in which the master's student can show to what extent he or she is able to perform academic research independently.


HR Studies presents every year a list of pre-selected research topics that fit the research programme of the department. In order to support the process of choosing a topic, a number of lectures are organised in November in which each member of the department presents his or her proposed topic.
During the execution of the master's thesis project, each research topic is organised in a so-called thesis circle, which is supervised by one member of the department, in which research results are presented and discussed. Each student writes an individual research proposal. After approval the student may execute the proposal.
The master's thesis projects are evaluated by two members of the department on the basis of criteria derived from six main categories: reseaerch question and theoretical execution; methods and results; conclusion and discusion; presentation; originality and difficulty; independance.

Required Prerequisites

2) Students can only begin their thesis after the completion and approval of their Individual Thesis Proposal.
The master's thesis must be based on original empirical research in the field of Human Resource Studies. The data for this research will be collected in one or more organisations. By completing the master's thesis, the student shows that he/she:
  • is able to conduct academic research independently;
  • has a profound knowledge of a specific scientific topic, which is part of the research programme of the Department of Human Resource Studies;
  • has the competence to apply advanced research methods in independent research;
  • is able to make an original contribution to a specific debate in HR Studies;
  • is able to interpret research results and reflect upon these using theoretical knowledge, leading to conclusions and recommendations relevant to the scientific field and to practitioners (especially HR policy in the organisation).
The master's thesis has the format of an academic article, not exceeding 10,000 words. The thesis meets the requirements for the APA publications. In principle, the finalized thesis should be suited to be submitted to an academic journal.
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760991-M-24|Master Thesis Human Resource Studies
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