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Course module: 760041-B-6
Internship and Consultancy
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Course module760041-B-6
Credits (ECTS)6
CategoryBA (Bachelor)
Course typeInternship
Language of instructionDutch
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences; TSB: Human Resource Studies; Human Resource Studies;
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B Human Resource Studies
Contact persondr. M. Verhagen
S.M.E. van den Groenendaal, MSc
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prof. dr. R.F. Poell
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dr. M. Verhagen
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dr. M. Verhagen
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Academic year2018
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Registration openfrom 20/08/2018 09:00 up to and including 31/07/2019
To provide students with insights into the HR work context, students will work on a consultancy assignment for an organization (profit, non-profit or SME’s).
After completing the course Internship and Consultancy the student is able to…
1)… identify a practical problem or question within an organization, and clearly describe this question in an individual consultancy assignment 
2) … locate relevant scientific articles, select relevant information, and to link theoretical constructs to the practical assignment.
3) … choose and use a research method for the consultancy assignment.
4) … use research outcomes and implications to formulate the practical advice for the organization.
5) … write a clear, concise, and well-structured advisory assignment.
6) … select and use scientific knowledge gained during the Human Resource courses to work on a practical advisory assignment for an organization.
7) … work on tasks in an independent way (jointly agreed upon by the student and the organization)
8) …  to reflect on the development of specific competencies during the work on the consultancy assignment.
The internship has to be planned within the second year of the bachelor program (somewhere in block 1 to 4). You can already start with the internship in block 1 of the second year of the Bachelor. The introductory lecture will be held in Sepetmber 2018. Thus, please enroll in the blackboard course at the beginning of block 1 so that you can access information about the introductory lecture and internship vacancies. In case of further questions, please contact Marinus Verhagen.
By working on this advisory assignment students are expected to link their theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Furthermore, they learn how to work independently on an assignment related to Human Resources in an organization. This will result in a scientific paper in which students present useful and practical recommendations for the organization. Students will also develop their personal skills and competences under supervision of an HR professional of the organization.
During the internship, the students spent 120 hours working on the advisory assignment. The other 40 hours should be used to become acquainted with the daily HR related tasks in an HR department. The students and the organizations will jointly agree upon the way in which the 160 hours will be spent.
The advisory assignment concerns a prevailing question related to Human Resources within the organization. Examples are practical issues such as setting up new competency profiles or revising evaluation criteria. Criteria for the assignment are available on blackboard under course documents. Please find more information and examples of advisory assignments on blackboard under course information.
Students are free to choose in which organization they want to do the internship. Students are advised to use their own network to find a suitable organization. To guarantee adequate supervision of the intern within the organization, the organization needs to have at least one higher educated employee (HBO or WO-level) who is responsible for HR activities in the organization. Students can approach organizations in the profit, non-profit and in the MKB sector. If a student cannot find an organization by him- or herself, (s)he can contact the coordinator. 
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Individual advisory assignment
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