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Course module: 700036-B-6
Analytical Philosophy
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Course module700036-B-6
Credits (ECTS)6
CategoryBA (Bachelor)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionDutch
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences; TSH: Department of Philosophy; Philosophy;
Is part of
B Philosophy
PM Philosophy, Science and Society
Contact personA.A. Verhaegh, PhD
Coordinator course
A.A. Verhaegh, PhD
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2018
Starting block
SM 1
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Registration openfrom 20/08/2018 09:00 up to and including 31/07/2019
Goal 1: The student is able to describe, explain, and to compare the views of major philosophers in the history of analytic philosophy.
Goal 2: The student is able to evaluate the arguments for and against the views of major philosophers in the history of analytic philosophy.
Goal 3: The student is able to critically reflect on the aims and methods of historiography. 
Goal 4: The student is able to write and present a carefully argued opinion about the views of major philosophers in the history of analytic philosophy.
  • The course will be assessed by means of a mid-term exam about the first seven lectures (30%), a presentation (10%), and an essay (60%).
  • Partial grades (of the presentation, the essay, and the exam) are only valid in the academic year one obtained them. No partial grades can be taken to the next academic year.
  • There will be a resit for both the essay and the exam. The essay resit will be a rewritten version of the essay. There will be no resit for the presentation.
  • Essays that are handed in late will be treated as resit essays.
  • In case of a resit, the highest grade counts as the final grade.
  • The grades of the essay and the exam compensate.
  • If you just do the essay or the exam, you will get a final grade.
  • Course specific skills: essay writing and presentation
This course offers an introduction into the history of analytic philosophy. We will discuss the views of Frege, Russell, Moore, Wittgenstein, the Vienna Circle, Carnap, Austin, Strawson, Ryle, Quine, and Putnam. The first part of the course consists of seven lectures about developments between approximately 1880 and 1960. This part is assessed with a mid-term exam. In the second part of the course, we will reflect on the aims and methods of historiography. The student writes a 4000-word essay in which he/she carefully explains his/her views about a topic in the history of analytic philosophy and gives a presentation about his/her essay.
Timetable information
700036-B-6|Analytische Filosofie (hed. fil. 2)
Written test opportunities
Written test opportunities (HIST)
Midterm (30%) / Midterm (30%)MIDTERM_01SM 1116-10-2018
Midterm (30%) / Midterm (30%)MIDTERM_01SM 1224-01-2019
Required materials
Recommended materials
Midterm (30%)

Paper (60%)

Presentation (10%)

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