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Course module: 620291-B-6
GLB: Global Legal History
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Course module620291-B-6
Credits (ECTS)6
CategoryBA (Bachelor)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg Law School; TLS: Public Law, Jurisprud.Legal History; Public Law, Jurisprudence and Legal History;
Is part of
B Global Law
Contact personmr. H.J. Nho, LLM
G. Arcot Srikantan
Other course modules lecturer
D. De ruysscher
Other course modules lecturer
C.S.M. Müller, LLM
Other course modules lecturer
mr. H.J. Nho, LLM
Other course modules lecturer
Coordinator course
mr. H.J. Nho, LLM
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2018
Starting block
SM 2
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RemarksThis information is not up to date. Check the Course Catalog 2019 or select the course via “Register”.
Registration openfrom 11/01/2019 up to and including 31/07/2019
After the successful completion of ‘Global Legal History (GLB)’, the student will acquire: 
  • Knowledge about European and non-European legal histories by distinguishing important facts, events, topics and developments through careful analysis of the course materials.
  • Critical analysis of the social and cultural factors behind the evolution and transformation of the European and Non-European legal traditions.
  • A basic understanding of legal theory and method across the European and non-European legal traditions which becomes useful in learning and applying legal concepts in other areas of law taught in the Global law program such as international law and contract law.
  • An understanding of the difficulties and controversies in applying legal ideas from one legal tradition to another legal tradition.
  • The ability to work in a group and critically assess and read primary and secondary materials.
  • The ability to write an essay in which he or she proves mastery over the course material by describing, evaluating, reflecting and concluding on the matter.
  • The ability to answer key questions about the doctrinal and conceptual differences involved in the trajectory of the various legal traditions discussed.
This course examines the European legal traditions i.e. the civil law and common law traditions and their spread and interaction with non-European legal traditions such as the Islamic, Chinese and Indian traditions. It covers the conceptual foundations of both these groups of traditions and how they have evolved historically. It focuses on the issues, controversies and events involved in their confrontations and interaction with each other. It also places emphasis on the legal concepts and institutions that were produced as a result of such confrontation and interaction.

The content of this course traces the legal history of modern European states concentrating mostly on Western Europe. The legal history of the Indian subcontinent is examined in the context of the British colonial encounter and its legacy. The legal history of Islam focuses mainly on early Islam with an emphasis on understanding legal methodologies. The legal history of China focuses on the linkages between the historical and the contemporary particularly looking at the Legalist and Confucianist divide and its legacy in modern China.

Type of instructions
Lectures; Seminars

Type of exams
Written exam (60%); seminar research paper (20%); in-class quizzes (10%); in-class assignments (10%)

Timetable information
620291-B-6|GLB: Global Legal History
Written test opportunities
Written test opportunities (HIST)
Schriftelijk / WrittenEXAM_01SM 2127-05-2019
Schriftelijk / WrittenEXAM_01SM 2201-07-2019
Required materials
Bart Wauters and Marco de Benito, The History of Law in Europe: An Introduction (Edward Elga 2017)
Other journal articles accessible through the library databases, particularly JSTOR
John W. Head, Great Legal Traditions: Civil Law, Common Law and Chinese Law in Historical and Operational Perspective (Carolina Academic Press, 2011) 459-488, 506-535. A reader will be provided (to be announced)
Recommended materials
To be announced


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