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Course module: 400871-M-6
Research Master: Experimental Research and Meta Analysis
Course info
Course module400871-M-6
Credits (ECTS)6
CategoryMA (Master)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byTilburg University; Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences; TSB: Methodology and Statistics; Methodology and Statistics;
Is part of
M Social and Behavioural Sciences (research)
dr. R.C.M. van Aert
Other course modules lecturer
prof. dr. M.A.L.M. van Assen
Other course modules lecturer
dr. W.W.A. Sleegers
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2018
Starting block
Course mode
RemarksThis information is not up to date. Check the Course Catalog 2019 or select the course via “Register”.
Registration openfrom 08/01/2019 up to and including 31/07/2019
In the first part of the course all aspects of setting up an experiment are discussed. Topics include discussion of different experimental designs, recruiting participants, implementing the manipulation (including priming), measuring the dependent variable(s), and data analysis. In the second part of the course all aspects of meta analysis are discussed. Topics include collecting studies, determining the quality of the studies, making the studies comparable, and conducting the statistical analysis


The 168 hours in the course consist of 28 (14 × 2) hours attending lectures, 28 (14 × 2) hours attending practicals, 32 (2 ×16) hours working on the assignments, and 80 hours self-tuition (56 hours for preparing the lectures/practicals and 24 hours for preparing the written exam).

The course grade equals the grade of the exam. Students can only pass the course if the following condition has been met: Attendance of lab sessions (practicals) is compulsory. Only a maximum number of one missed session is allowed. Students who miss more sessions will be required to do an additional assignment. The weight of the assignment depends on the number of missed sessions.

Required Prerequisites

Only for students who are qualified for the Research Master.

The course consists of 14 two-hour lectures and 14 two-hour computer practicals. In the interactive lecture, the lecturer explains the subject matter, asks questions, and invites students to discuss the subject matter. In the practicals, the students apply the acquired methods and techniques; that is, they practice the different aspects of setting up an experiment, and conducting meta analyses.

Type of instructions

14 meetings, each during 4 hours, 2 of which are devoted to teaching and 2 to tutorials in which the materials are practiced

Type of exams

Written exam and lab session attendance.

Compulsory Reading
  1. The literature will be announced on blackboard, at least one month before the start of the course.
Timetable information
400871-M-6|RM: Experimental Research & Meta Anal.
Written test opportunities
Written test opportunities (HIST)
Schriftelijk / WrittenEXAM_01BLOK 3126-03-2019
Schriftelijk / WrittenEXAM_01BLOK 3217-06-2019
Required materials
To be announced
The literature will be announced in the lectures and on blackboard by the three lecturers well in time, during the course.
Recommended materials

Final Result


Kies de Nederlandse taal